Create the Connection * Build the Bond * Restore the Relationship

Discover your heart horse in the horse standing before you...


Schedule your Discovery Session today and find out how my virtual coaching programs help you connect with and train your equine.


How Virtual Coaching Works

Live video calls bring your coach to you! With instant feedback in real time, you'll know exactly what to do in each moment with your equine. 


Video submission & review provides you with additional support between live sessions and helps you become more aware of the dynamics between you and your horse. 


Written training plans & video examples help keep you on track to rapidly achieve your training goals. 

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Online Courses

Feed With Purpose

Learn how to hand feed your equine, safely and effectively! This course is for anyone just starting out with clicker training and positive reinforcement. In this course, you will learn how to safely use food as reinforcement during training, without the equine becoming pushy, mugging, or biting.

Catching The Uncatchable

Does your equine run from you every time you walk in to the pasture? Are you tired of chasing after your equine for hours, only to leave, empty handed? In this course you will learn how to get your equine to want to come to you, every time!

The Unmotivated Equine

Coming Soon!


Hi! Welcome to my little corner of the world, where creating connections with our equine companions (and maybe a dragon or two) is my passion!

My lifelong love of animals and fascination with behavior set me on this journey to help people connect with and train their equines. It gives me great joy to see a once fearful and unapproachable equine begin to trust their person and develop a bond of love and friendship. 

Currently I live in sunny, south east Florida with my son, my horse Robin Hood, and a bunch of cats & dogs! I work with people all across the country through my unique, virtual coaching programs, as well as in person here in FL. When I'm not coaching, I'm usually busy training privately owned domestic and exotic animals or enjoying some down time with my son and our own animals.