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Virtual coaching is like having your own personal trainer right there beside you, working with you and your equine. 

Sending your horse away to a trainer means you can't see what's going on and your equine is bonding with the trainer, instead of with you. With virtual training, you get to train and bond with your own equine, at home, with the help of a professional guiding you every step of the way. Find out how easy it is to connect via Skype, FaceTime or FB Messenger for training in real time.

Through our virtual meeting, you'll be able to see how quickly and easily you can start building the bond you've always wanted with your equine.

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"Recently I had my first experience with a live training session with Michelle and my horse Ru, via webcam! I didn’t really know what to expect...
I was worried that going live it would feel weird or I would feel pressured to do well in the moment and that would make me or Ru anxious. But Michelle is so relaxed and has such a great attitude about giving feedback that I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. I just got in the moment and forgot about all my concerns. The live session was such a great chance to work on some behaviors in real time, as they are happening, so that tiny changes to how I approached cuing behavior and reinforcing could be made right then and there (great positive reinforcement for me to see how the training improved and Ru’s behavior got cleaner and better by the end of only a few minutes!) Michelle can even do the clicking for you if you’re really having a roadblock or need some extra help, which I think is really cool!" -Jackie Broder