Create the Connection * Build the Bond * Restore the Relationship
There is this moment when you’re standing there and this wild horse is stretching out his neck to touch your hand, and the whole world around you just disappears...

there’s nothing more important than who you are in this moment.
— Michelle Martiya

I offer results based virtual coaching.

Would you like to have a true partnership with your equine companion?

A partnership that is rooted in trust, mutual respect and fun?

Are you struggling to gentle a mustang or bond with an equine that has suffered an abusive past?

Is your equine hard to catch, fearful or aggressive?

Have you exhausted your local trainers, live in a rural area, or simply want the best for you and your horse?

Virtual coaching at Dragon Horsemanship has changed the game in the level of opportunities now available to you.

Are you looking to:

Create a deeper connection and build a stronger bond with your horse?

Restore a damaged relationship and develop more trust and communication?

Enjoy spending time with your horse instead of spending hours just trying to catch him?

Get guidance and feedback on your training in real time, without the complicated scheduling of in person training?

Online video calls through Skype, FaceTime, or FB Messenger bring the trainer to you!

Written training plans with video examples give you a clear, step-by-step process to continuously progress in your training, and our exclusive online student group gives you the opportunity to share your challenges and successes with a vibrant and supportive community.

This training is ideal for horse owners who:

  • Are ready to move beyond dominance and “being the boss”.

  • Don’t want to waste any more time chasing their horse, struggling to put on a halter, and avoiding bites and kicks.

  • Want to understand their horse’s behavior and learn how to work WITH their horse in a true partnership.

  • Are done feeling like they’re starting over every day and making no progress in their training.

  • Are coachable and truly want to learn how to improve communicate with their horse.

How does it work?

The first step is to book your Get Acquainted call where we will chat about the areas in which you and your equine partner are struggling and come up with a possible action plan as to why this is happening.


I work 1:1 with my clients in 1 to 3 month programs (depending on the nature of the issues you are facing) and the work is 100% custom to what YOU and your equine need.

During our time together, you get my full support through:

Live, virtual training sessions (which can be recorded so you won’t miss a thing!)

- Video review (to keep your training on track between sessions)

- Written training plans

- How-to training videos & online course access

- Email, Text, & Messenger support between lessons

If  you are looking for the most efficient coaching process that removes the traditional learning curve associated with incorporating new skills into your horse training toolbox


You are ready to commit to completely transforming your relationship with your horse, 

Then you just may be a great fit for my virtual coaching program!