Create the Connection * Build the Bond * Restore the Relationship

Create the connection, build the bond, restore the relationship...


You CAN train your wild, fearful, or aggressive equine!


Guess what? You CAN train your equine and you don’t have to be anything other than who you are right now to do it!

Are you tired of empty advice that doesn't get you results?

"Move his feet!"  "Show her who's boss!"  "Make him respect you!"

Seriously, who wants to chase their horse around for hours? By the time you catch him, you're so frustrated and fed up, you probably won't enjoy him anyway!

Here is where the chasing ends and the communication begins...



"I’ve been working with Michelle using her Virtual Coaching for the last few months with my little mule, Ferris. I am new to positive reinforcement training and found it frustrating. Since no one near me uses this training method for equines, the virtual coaching with Michelle has helped me and Ferris get through some of our more difficult issues. The instant feedback is invaluable to us. Michelle is so tuned into how animals, including humans, learn and think. She’s one of the best teachers I’ve known. I highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to develop a solid connection with their four legged friend, no matter what species. It’s easy, simple, affordable and best of all, fun." -Joanie Schneiber


Are you looking to:

Create a deeper connection and build a stronger bond with your equine?

Restore a damaged relationship and develop more trust?

Stop chasing your equine and start spending quality time with him/her instead?


My programs are ideal for equine owners who:

Want to quickly connect with their equines, naturally.

Want to truly understand their equine's behavior and learn how to work with their equine in a true partnership.

Are done feeling like they’re starting over every day and making no progress in their training.

Are coachable and want to learn how to communicate with their equines simply and effectively.

How does it work?

The first step is to book your Get Acquainted call where we will chat about the areas in which you and your equine partner are struggling and come up with a possible action plan. My work is 100% custom to what YOU and your equine need.



Next, you'll choose the program that's right for you and we'll set up our first video call so that I can "meet" you and your equine! 

**Video calls may seem a little daunting at first- you're worried about how you'll look and what I'll think of you and your equine, but as I begin walking you through your training, you 'll be pleasantly surprised at how quickly you can relax and simply forget about the camera.

As soon as you become aware of the immediate change in your relationship with your equine, you'll recognize how invaluable having me "there" with you truly is.** 


If  you are looking to create a connection with your equine, build that special bond, or restore a damaged relationship


You are ready to commit to completely transforming your life with your equine, 

Then we should talk!

Horses * Mules * Donkeys * Zebras... I work with them all!